List For Hyip Sites Reviews | Scam Or Not Paying?

List For Hyip Sites Reviews

Hello investors, I have create this page to aware everyone on hyip sites which is most of them are scams or not paying. They invite you to invest thier program which is usually the high profit or fast earning investment. They are claiming that they own a mining software which is guaranteed that you earn some crypto currency like bitcoin or some dollars, profit percentage of the money that you invest, but the truth, they have no software at all.
Well, if you really want to invest your money or any crypto currencies, it is advisable to know first which site is the best and trusty. You should smart to select the sites or company that really paying. To start our reviews try to examine each program or website listed below.

List for websites and the situations

Hyip – – not paying

This site is a mining company strategy, means they will promise you to mine bitcoin for you. They are claiming that they have a bitcoin software to mine and you will get a return when you invest your money or what we called cryptocurrency. But before you get a full return, they hold your money until they shut the site.

Doubler – – not paying

This kind of site is different from the site stated above. The strategy is they are doubling your money or cryptocurrency. But after you finish deposite of some coins on their bank, they are not paying you back anymore.

Miner – – not paying

Another site for mining coins for free. Yes you can see the actual mining animation, but after you withdraw your earning coins, it will not appear to your bank account.
For now, the websites listed above is a site that I have already tried. I will put more sites on this page if I found another sites that not paying anymore. If you found more site which is scummy or other hyip sites that still paying, please share us in the comment area to help other people. Any suggestions and questions are welcome, just leave a comment below.


If you have computer and internet, I recommend to try bitcoin mining some site I've already tried and it is legit. If you have interesting check this out --> "Bitcoin Mining".
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