The Best Free IP Camera Software Reviews And Comparisons

The Best Free IP Camera Software Reviews And Comparisons

I know what I’m assured is the “best free IP camera software” in my experience, and if you want the short answer is Genius Vision CmE Community Edition NVR, free for commercial use.
Genius Vision is a professional product of NVR / VMS / CMS and it is not a complete review of it, but keep on reading to understand why this is best for me, my experiences with another software, and one of them you should try.
What is The Best Free IP Camera Software?
Milestone Xprotect
Their license and structural support fell into hell and they did not get any other dyes. In fact, I do not want to use their free product because it only supports 8 cameras and I know both license issues and no support.
Nx Witness / Digital Watchdog DW Spectrum
I love it so they contacted a quote because I wanted to buy it! The short story is short, the NX Witness does not sell a small amount of license directly to the ultimate seeker like me, but their sales guy Tony Luce has given me a good check code for one year There are 16 cameras, which I think is good.
Blue Iris
It uses a lot of CPU power. With 10 cameras and frame rates, all lowered to 15 fps, and other optimizations like direct-to-disk recording turned on, it uses over 65% CPU at i5 -4690K in all recording time. When I go back to the recorded video the CPU always hits 100% and the software starts to be bad.
Genius Vision CmE (Community Edition)
I’m just using the Blue Iris until I hear about the Genius Vision NVR Community Edition, which is available for free non-commercial use and supports up to 16 cameras. I downloaded the Genius Vision and installed it with a PC backup to try, and within minutes I connected and recorded my cameras. After using it within a few hours I completely uninstalled Blue Iris and ran the Genius Vision ever since.
Installation and setup: If you already know other VMS products then you should find it easy to install, configure, and start using.
It’s good to be coded because the installation file is at least 15 MB in size, compared to several hundred MB files of several competing products. Installation is too easy, then configure the storage, add your cameras, and you run and run. It may also run, with a CPU operating on i5-4690K using 10 to 15% of the use of 10 cameras that record high resolution and frame rates.
Daily use: There are many different screen layouts to choose from and you can have multiple tabbed layout pages that are linked, and quickly move between different layouts if you like. Customizing is easy, just put your cameras into the layout positions where you want them, even drag the drag and drop it to the layout to organize if you want.
There is an app for your iOS or Android mobile device that I use on my Nexus 5x, and it’s very responsive and easy to use.
Video playback and export: Better playback in Synchronized playback, and if you want to export a video section just place your mouse to select the time, and then choose which cameras what you want to get rid of at that time.
The native XGV format and AVI format can be exported, and the AVI files fully play on my Windows 10 PCs.
Last thought of Genius Vision CmE
There is a lot more to this product than I have here, but it is only intended to be a general understanding of the bases and not the full examination.
The final words of all these products
Milestone Xprotect
Great product and even free when you use eight or fewer cameras. Make sure you want to engage in licensing issues and have absolutely no support unless you pay them.
Nx Witness / Digital Watchdog DW Spectrum
This may be my favorite paid product at this time. I just enjoy this software, but no free versions are available to anyone I know.
Blue Iris
An appropriate piece of software, and a good choice for many people with a powerful PC and just a few cameras. Aside from this, it only uses excess CPU power to be used.
Genius’s vision
If you need the fully paid version of the community for free non-commercial use of 16 cameras, it seems to be a solid choice. I still focus on all aspects but it’s really like doing everything I can to make it possible and more.
The professional grade software free for non-commercial use makes the best free IP camera software available.
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